MSA Goes Virtual

Jilli Grace Asa

This past week, the coast of Mississippi and Louisiana was hit with a category four hurricane named Ida. While some areas got it worse than others, the people over MSA thought it would be better for everyone if we went home for a week. At home, different people had a different experience with the hurricane that others. 

Hurricane Ida caused the juniors to experience their first ever virtual experience at Mississippi School of the Arts. Here is how some of them felt about that experience.

Zee Washington is a senior vocal. I asked them, “How did you feel about being home this week and how did it affect you?” They responded, “It wasn’t that hard since I had to go through this process last year, but the hardest part was getting back into a normal schedule for both school and home life. I think it affected me in the fact that I have to get reacquainted with my environment since my family moved out of state, and that I’m staying in an unfamiliar place.” This is a good response from Zee. I would totally agree with her, especially since she has to get used to a new environment and home. 

Benjamin Taylor is a junior media. I asked him, “What was the weather like where you live?” He replied, “Since I live in Tupelo,I wasn’t really affected by the storm. We only had two days of rain, but other than that it wasn’t too bad.” This is a good reply. I feel a lot of people around here don’t really know how it affected the north so what Benjamin said is very informative. 

While many people may not have experienced as much weather, many people did. People in Louisiana have it really bad and the aftermath is about as worse as hurricane Katrina in 2005. A lot of people are still without power and some no longer have homes. For ways you can help go to 

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