Heating Up!

Summer time is right around the corner. For some that signals the end of the school year, summer jobs, and maybe even summer vacations. No matter what activity you’ll be picking up over the summer, a key component to any of those is summer fashion. Whether you’re exchanging your backpack for a more fashionable mini bag or your favorite graphic tee for a drive- thru uniform, fashion in the summer is defining and inescapable. You should always have one of these four hot staples in your closet to stay you most fashionable self during the summer heat.

Keeping cool is an essential in the summer heat, especially in Mississippi. And what’s a better way to keep cool other than shorts? Shorts come in a plethora of styles, lengths, and patterns. They can be worn on many different occasions including brunches, beach days, or even just a normal summer day. Denim shorts or chino shorts would complete a brunch look with nice blouse or button up shirt. This could be paired with heels, sandals, or loafers. For a beach day look, simply pairing a pair of denim or cotton shorts with a tank top or t-shirt would be perfect and this would also work for a regular day as well. Not only do we want to keep cool in the summer but we also want to shield ourselves from the beaming sun.

Hats are a fun accessory to play around with to add personality and flair to a summer fit. Fitted hats are a hot trend and a fashionable way to keep the sun out of your eyes. Fitted hats can have customized stitching added to them and come in a variety of colors. These hats can be worn with just about anything. Investing in one would definitely be a smart decision considering the versatility of them. Another thing that can help to keep the sun from directly shining on your eyes is sunglasses.

The sun is definitely a beautiful thing but it isn’t always our friend. Sunglasses do what sunscreen can’t and that is protect our eyes. While not only being practical, they are also stylish and can be found at very low prices. Boredom is something a person could never experience when it comes to sunglasses. The different colors, shapes, and styles make it nearly impossible to. Even if they are just worn on top of your head they still add depth to an outfit. Sunglasses can match your bag, shirt, and even your shoes.

Footwear is a fun way to spice up even the simplest of outfits. An investment in sandals is a smart decision both financially and stylishly. Sandals are great for any occasion and can keep your feet cool in the hottest of weather. If you’re more a sneaker type of person, sneakers are another great way to amplify the style of a simple summer look.

Wearing less clothes does not mean becoming less stylish. Keep heads turning all summer long with these fashionable tips and styles.

Until next time,

MSA Fashionista

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