People with vaginas throughout time have experienced that “feeling”. That feeling where sharp pains stab at your uterus, a headache like never before, all followed by that knowing slip of warm dampness onto their once stain free underwear. “That feeling” is none other than the feeling of starting your period.


            Menstruation is a natural, uncontrollable thing, yet the products used to make this cycle more sanitary, and cleaner are labeled as “luxury items” and require a tampon tax. I first learned of this “tampon tax” from Harvard student and author, Nadya Okamoto. Okamoto wrote a book titled, “Period Power: A Manifesto For The Menstrual Movement” describing the often-taboo talk around periods, the use and purpose of sanitary products, tampon tax, and so much more. I definitely recommend this book to anyone interested.

            Periods have always had the ability to strike a sense of unease into anyone who doesn’t experience it. So, naturally, they are misunderstood and not enough people who don’t experience them are knowledgeable on this topic. A period or cycle is a 3–7-day long shedding of uterine lining if an egg was not fertilized throughout the entire 28–38-day cycle of menstruation. This, of course, is a natural occurrence that can’t be controlled. However, governors must think differently because the products used during a period are labeled as luxury and are taxed extra. I mean, what more could we expect from the same government who don’t believe that menstruation should be taught to both sex and gender during sex ed.

            Sanitary products should not be taxed extra, nor should they be talked down or made a taboo topic of conversation. I wish to educate people on this subject so we can end the ‘tampon tax”.  I believe that everyone should join the menstrual movement. As of right now, 30 states still have a tampon tax, Mississippi being one of them. These governments refuse to rid of the tampon tax because of the revenue it brings in. Money should never be more important than the sanitation and products used to care for people who have the choice of adding to this country.

            My plan is to bring awareness to this issue locally. I plan to join forces with a Delta Healthcare facility, person, or people to start a non-profit organization that will be able to provide these products for people in need. No person should feel unclean nor feel less than for something they can’t control. Join me and many more in the menstrual movement to end the tampon tax. And that’s on Period!

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