The Phoenix Games

This weekend, SGA hosted MSA’s first field day: The Phoenix Games, inspired by the infamous Disney Channel Games. Students were divided into 5 teams with a distinct color: red, blue, black, yellow, & pink. Similar to the Disney Channel Games, teams were composed of a least one member from each arts discipline, like the televised games create teams with a member of each television show/movie. Each team competed against each other to be named the champion of the first ever Phoenix Games!

Scroll down to see which team was declared the winner of the 2021 Phoenix Games!

The 2021 Phoenix Games winner was the…. 🥁 RED TEAM! The team was composed of vocals: Quintin Powell and Josie Deaton, medias: Connor Davis and Cornelius Kimple, literary: Maleigh Crespo, visuals: Sydney Harrison and Angel Poole, and theatres: Cyla Henry and David Echols.

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  1. Reblogged this on RISE and commented:

    Definitely need a rematch against the pink and red team. I’m just kidding! This was incredibly fun, thanks SGA!


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