Performance Troupe and Unity A cappella Choir Showcase

Get ready for night full of fun! Tuesday, April 27th, MSA’s Performance Troupe and Unity A cappella Choir will perform their one night showcase. The show is full of exciting songs and tributes to some of the most famous artists of all time.

The show will include group numbers, solo pieces, and even an original song from MSA senior, Josie Deaton.

Because of the ongoing pandemic, the groups have not been about to perform all year. They had multiple performances lined up but the rise in cases on campus earlier in the year caused them to fall through. The group members are so excited to finally showcase all that they’ve been working towards all year.

If you would like to watch the show, it will be live-streamed and tickets are on Eventbrite. Use this link to reserve your seat:

Be sure to come out and support the students as they put their all into this showcase!

Performance Troupe: Paige Davis, Josie Deaton, Quintin Powell, Cornelius Kimple, Mya Bell, and Elizabeth Merritte
Unity: Mya Bell, Josie Deaton, Talanda Miller, Quintin Powell, Tyler Smith, Cornelius Kimple, Kayla Braswell, Aliyah Watts, Elizabeth Merritte

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