The Importance of Black History to Mental Health

This week, I decided to take a short break from my series on the arts and mental health. Don’t worry, we’ll be back next week.

But it’s February. A month often regarded as the month of love, Mardi Gras celebrations, and many other things.

Originally known as Black History Week, this entire month is now celebrated as Black History Month. This month goes deeper than just history, however. Black History Month can become pretty heavy.

It’s important to stay educated. Thankfully, the MSA Black Xecutives are putting together an amazing show to educate and inspire; check it out live on Friday, February 19th!

This week, I conducted a special interview with a leader of the Black History Production, close friend Kymbrianna Griggs. She works alongside Stephyne Weathersby, Micaiah Mayes, Allison Dobson, and Morgan Love. She has been a willing and trustworthy interviewee, and her work on the Black History Month production has been absolutely magnificent.

Kymbrianna is a native of Jackson, Mississippi and a senior theatre.

Abigail: So you’re doing the black history production. How has that been making you feel? Does it make you happy? Sad? A mix of emotions?

Kymbrianna: I’m really happy about being one of the executives!! It’s so nice being able to bounce ideas and experiences off of people.

Abigail: This stuff must be pretty heavy. Realistic. Has it affected you positively or negatively?

Kymbrianna: The show this year isn’t completely heavy. It’s more so about black joy instead of black trauma. We feel like there is so much more to our culture than just the trauma we endure.

Abigail: How have you been celebrating this month outside of the production?

Kymbrianna: I have been trying to learn more things about what I haven’t learned in history or on my own time. It’s so amazing because there is so much I didn’t know!

Abigail: What do you have to say about the future of black history?

Kymbrianna: Black History won’t ever go away. I feel like Black people are finally tired of our narrative being changed and we will always continue to advocate for it to be modern day history.

Thank you, Kymbrianna!

For this Black History Month, remember to stay educated, stay kind, and always be understanding. Black Lives Matter today, tomorrow, and forever.

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