Signs in Astrology

Most people don’t know this, but zodiac signs are actually just constellations. The earth orbits in a flat plane around the sun, affecting the way we view everything in our solar system. Because we travel consistently, we see the same 12 zodiac constellations in regular intervals. At any given time, from earth, a planet appears to be placed within one of these 12 constellations. This is where our planet placements come from, either in a natal chart or a current chart. 

Current charts are exactly that – they show the placements of planets within the zodiac, from the perspective of a place on earth. Transits and placements affect everyone, and it is frequently used to determine what will happen. Many astrologers are hired by businessmen, politicians, and other people in positions of power in order to time their decisions based on the most favorable outcome. 

Natal charts are a little bit more complex, but they essentially show the planet placements at the exact time and place of your birth. These determine the core aspects of your personality, how you interact with yourself and with others, and what is important to you throughout the course of your life. In my previous article, I talked about your 11 most important placements in astrology, which are the ten planet placements in addition to your ascendent placement. As previously mentioned, each placement will fall into one of the 12 zodiacs, which have traits of their own. 

The first acknowledged sign, according to the zodiac calendar year, is Aries. Aries is commonly known for demonstrating eagerness and quickness, as well as facilitating competition. It is generally very independent and impulsive, though often very brave. 

The second is Taurus, which demonstrates strength, dependability, and creativity. Taurus is very stubborn, but down to earth and has generally very good taste. These placements are known to be more intuitive. 

Next is Gemini, which demonstrates expressiveness, versatility, curiosity, and kindness. Gemini placements get a bad reputation, but it’s important to note that no one sign is “better” than the other; they all have positive and negative traits, and they work together. Gemini is multi-talented, playful, and dynamic. 

Cancer is known as one of the most sensitive signs, and placements definitely reflect so. Cancer is very friend-oriented and tends to be very good at decision-making. Due to Cancer’s emotional tendencies, it tends to be emotional, sentimental, protective, and intuitive. 

Leo is very confident, in fact, the most confident sign. It’s ruled by the sun, and is commonly known for being dramatic, outgoing, fiery, and self-assured. It tends to be popular, creative, and very loyal. 

Virgo is career-centered, leading to success and clever solutions. Virgo loyalty is unmatched and is well-versed when it comes to any sort of analysis. Virgo is also gentle and practical.  

Libra is known as the most peaceful sign, and it gears more toward equality, professionalism, and gratefulness. Libra is also adventurous and indecisive. These placements tend to be the most grounded and fair in their execution. 

Scorpio is self-reliant, powerful, and dominant. It tends to indicate a leaning toward passion and stubbornness, though resourceful. Scorpio also tends toward boldness and bravery, often saying or doing unconventional things. 

Sagittarius usually means optimism, honesty, and intellect. It is often spontaneous and funny, letting loose and being very open. Sagittarius is often very calm and kind. 

Capricorn is hard-working and honest, often very direct and stubborn. It values independence, discipline, and seriousness. It can sometimes be described as uptight, but most often just orderly. 

Aquarius is most often described as stubborn, with a large capacity for creativity and a hesitance to compromise. Aquarius knows what it wants and goes after it. Aquarius values uniqueness and will stop at almost nothing to achieve it. 

Pisces is notorious for being very humanitarian – it values empathy, kindness, and art. It is often very affectionate, but if not, always loving. 

The signs in this article are not described as traits of people, but rather general traits. This allows for interpretation throughout a chart, such as analyzing a particular planet (discussed in the previous article) and its placement. 

Stay safe and have fun, my lovelies. 

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