Art Block

Heyo👋 Would you have any advice for someone who’s going through a bit of a creative block?”Raven

Dear Raven,

Art block- something we are all way too familiar with. It can be frustrating, but hopefully these two tips will help you overcome that art block.


Whenever I need to get those creative juices flowing I listen to music. I’m not talking about your typical Ariana Grande or even Mother Mother (Yes I’m talking to you) try listening to some classical/ instrumental music and really try to connect with it. It works for me every time and it’s so relaxing.


Anything that comes to your mind, put it on paper. It can be random thoughts that seem like nothing. Maybe looking back at it when you are in a creative mood will spark a new idea. It could even strike inspiration in that moment.

These are just a few little tips I have for art block. I hope they help! 



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