A Look Into MJ’s Many Illustrious Looks

Today, you’re going to be getting some male fashion perspective from an MSA literary arts alum, and he just happens to be one of my favorite people! Keep reading to get a “taste” of what goes on behind the scenes of alumni, MJ Coleman‘s signature fashion statements.

On this look, I was actually on a field trip with Coleman celebrating the day of racial healing. Here’s what he had to say about this look, “I figured if we were going to that particular event, I didn’t wanna wear, like, super dark colors, but I also didn’t wanna wear too, too bright colors, that would distract from what we were talking about. But, I wanted to wear something that would catch people’s attention without being flashy.”

“When I put clothes together, I find something that I really, really wanna wear, like on that day, I really wanted to wear those shoes. So, I had to find clothes to go with the shoes. That’s mostly how I pick my outfits. Or if it’s a particular scarf I wanna wear, I’ll center my whole outfit on that scarf.” In this photo, I noticed that Coleman had a number of rings and a necklace paired with his outfit. This is his response to how he accessorizes his ensembles, “Well, I wear the rungs every day whether I’m dressed up or not. And the necklace, that just kinda… it depend on the look I’m going for that day. Like a business casual look, I’m not gon’ put on 12 necklaces, but if I’m going for a really flashy look, I will. That day, the colors were neutral, and not really bright, so I didn’t wanna wear a lot of jewelry. That just looks weird… dull colors with big, bright, gold jewelry… no.”

Related image

You may not be able to see the pattern of the pants, so I included a close-up photo of a pair of pants similar to Coleman’s. Here’s what Coleman said about infamous, embroidered pants, “I bought ’em because I knew nobody else here was gon’ have ’em. They were $100, and I knew nobody was gon’ pay $100 for them pants; that’s why I bought ’em.” When Coleman revealed how much he paid for these pants, my jaw DROPPED. If you’ve read the fashion blog I did on myself, you should know that I am very… frugal, to put it nicely (haha). So, I asked Coleman why he didn’t just DIY his pants. I mean, all it would’ve taken was some cheap, navy blue pants, and some iron-on patches. To this he responded, “I could have… but POLO did it for me.” (And I oop-) Coleman then went on to say his entire outfit was by POLO… except his shirt, which was Hanes. Now, he’s speaking my language. Coleman says, “My mama bought me those shoes, so I had to find something to go with the shoes because I don’t wear yellow, but I was like, ‘These pants got a  lil’ yellow in ’em. Let me get ’em.’ And the shoes got a white base around the sides, so I put on a plain white t-shirt because I didn’t wanna have on an extra shirt because the pants make enough statement.”

About this look, Coleman says, “I was scared of pulling that one, but I’m glad I did.” (Me too!) “I got that shirt from Amazon. I was actually looking for turtlenecks, but I didn’t wanna go to a really expensive store, so I looked on Amazon, and I got the best sellers. ”


Um, I really like when dudes take pride in what they look like. And I hate when boys feel like putting on a collared shirt and some khaki pants is dressing up because it’s not.” (Period!) “That’s like 2007 dressing up, and we’re in 2020, so I mean, I also feel like you don’t have to spend a million dollars to care about what you look like. I just feel like everybody has their own niche, their own style. They just have to tap it into it. Some people really live off of Walmart clothes, but you would never know. Not me, but some people. I shop at the big stores, but I’m saying that everybody doesn’t have to do that.” By “big stores” Coleman means, “Dillard’s, Macy’s, ExpressMen…”.

With this outfit, I was really curious to know how Coleman made a fairly simple outfit look so stylish. This is what he said, “I really wanted to wear that shirt, but I didn’t feel like dressing up that day, so I put on jeans, but I also wanted to make a statement, so I put on the jeans with holes in them. And then, it was cold as I don’t know what outside, so I put on boots.”

This look is one of my FAVORITE looks. I mean, from the embroidered flowers on the collar to the red shoes— a ‘fit! “This day, I was at school, and I wanted to pull a look that day. But I wanted to pull a look, but I didn’t wanna do too much, so I just put on black and white. And then, I was like ‘Ew’. Because I actually hate black and white… everybody wears that. So I had to put a little pop of color in there with the red shoes.

I don’t know about you guys, but this was one of my favorite interviews to do. It was really nice to hear fashion perspective from a male’s point of view.

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