Fabulous Food Reviews and More (January 17-30, 2020)


Welcome back to What’s Cooking with Callie!

Today’s brief article will feature the following:

  • Food reviews from yours truly…me!

Callie’s Rad Recommendations

Below I will recommend my 10/10, outstanding meals!


Chicken & sausage gumbo over rice: As usual, this entree was wonderful. It was perfectly seasoned, and the sausage was cooked perfectly. If you ever see the gumbo on the meal calendar, be sure not to miss out! Before you tackle your never-ending art projects and academic homework for the day, be sure to enjoy a heartwarming bowl of chicken and sausage gumbo in the Phoenix. Side note: the steamed carrots are perfect this month! I have found them surprisingly delicious for a side of carrots, dang.

Cheesy chicken fiesta over rice: If you have never had an encounter with this entree, you are definitely missing out. I always eat my portion too fast; it is cheesy fiesta indeed…in my stomach, that is. Imagine liquid gold cheese and tender chicken and everything that is good in the world. Cheesy chicken fiesta over rice is the food equivalent of Friday.

Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes with gravy: a match made in heaven! I am indeed thankful that this pair has visited the January meal calendar. MSA students began their second semester merely a week ago, so the “new schedule stress” is still potent. Salisbury steak and mashed potatoes and gravy are the comfort foods we need in this dire time.


Grilled pork chop: Oh my goodness. I love the pork chops here! Perhaps this entree deserves its own love poem now? It is already seasoned to the T, and it is oh so tender.

Beef taco with soft tortilla: I would lay my heart on the line for tacos. I would cross the grand canyon with only the sun on my skin and the sand beneath my feet for tacos. I would write a ballad for tacos. As a professional taco critic, I give the Phoenix’s tacos two thumbs up. I love scooping concerning amounts of cheese and salsa onto mine. Side note: fiesta rice has my heart.

Beef-n-Spicy Asian sauce: Hold up…okay, now, this entree’s review is as unanimous as it is magnanimous. This meal was absolute perfection. I was in love. Everyone around me dug into their beef teriyaki with pleasantly surprised faces, saying, “wait, this is delicious.” My heart yearns for more of this delectable treasure. That day, I almost chose to eat food in my dorm with my homework, but I instead ate one of the best meals I have ever had at MSA.


Black forest cake: The icing was so delicious, I ate my entire slice while the warning bell rang for class.

Cheesecake: I loved the strawberry sauce and whipped cream! I ate every bit of it, and it was an absolutely fantastic way to end my day!

Peace Out

I have enjoyed so many meals this month, such as the chili cheese fries on the weekend and the taco soup Tuesday night. I have a lot of gratitude for the Phoenix and all of the laughter and memories shared in that special place. Thank you, food service department, for being some of the best (and most loved) staff members on campus! Please know that the students here have such appreciation for all that you do. MSA would not be the same without its homey cafeteria.

Tune in next week for some student opinions of the Phoenix. But until then, stay groovy and have many happy days!


Callie (:

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