What’s Cooking? (January 17-30, 2020)


Welcome back to What’s Cooking with Callie! I have this week—for all you lovely art students—another “What’s Cooking?” article. Continue reading for this month’s meal calendar, food recommendations, and polls. Enjoy!

What’s Cooking?


Polls for the meals of January 17-30, 2020:

As MSA students, your voice needs to be heard! Feel free to vote for your “Phoenix Favorites” below. As a member of the Food Service Committee, I will advocate for the most popular items, so definitely share your honest opinion. Together, we will create an even greater experience in the Phoenix!

Callie’s rad Recommendations

Thank you all for eating in the Phoenix. Curious to know what’s cooking next week? Unsure if you want to abandon your ramen noodles to even venture in the cafeteria? Well, I have a few meals you do not want to miss!


Sunday: Staying the weekend? Be sure to have some of the hamburger steak with gravy for lunch. I also recommend the ideal side of mashed potatoes.

Tuesday: Cheesy chicken fiesta over rice never disappoints. Make sure to grab some tater tots!

Thursday: A personal pan pizza or a BBQ rib sandwich? The choice is yours. But your entree will definitely feel incomplete without a side of crinkle cut fries.


Sunday: Even seeing oven fried catfish on the menu makes my mouth water. And what a better choice of a side than some hush puppies? And lastly, I recommend Sunday’s fabulous dessert: cherry frudel.

Monday: BBQ chicken Hawaiian and minni cinnis? Say no more.

Tuesday: Two words: taco soup

Thursday: For your last dinner of the week, I suggest the John Wayne casserole paired with my (obvious) choice side of tater tots and brownies for dessert.

Peace Out

Alright, everyone, that concludes this week’s edition of What’s Cooking with Callie! I hope to see you all in the Phoenix! Have a wonderful end of January and start of a new semester.

And, as always, peace out…(:

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