Student Life

📸: Kelly Varner

Want to know more about the Visual department? Subscribe to their YouTube channel here!

📸: Clinnesha Sibley

MSA’s Literaries have been turning a lot of pages with their many achievements and awards over the year. Let’s keep it up!

📸: POSE Staff

Josie Deaton, one of our rising senior Vocals, has kickstarted her own music career! Give her work a listen and spread the word for one of our best and brightest! Subscribe to her YouTube Channel here.

📸: John Kelly Shelburne

Our junior Medias have grown to be their filmmakers and, coming from a senior Media, we could not be more proud!

📸: Kelly Varner

The junior visuals are preparing to hang a show. We can’t wait to see their artistic abilities showcased in Enochs!

📸: Clinnesha Sibley

Calling all MSA Students 🗣

The MSA Literary Arts department will soon begin the production process for the award-winning literary journal, The Phoenix, and they are asking for your work! More info to come.

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