How to be Okay with Not Being Okay

An old friend of mine told me that humans are creatures of routine, and when we fall out of our natural rhythm, things can seem a little chaotic. The world right now is at a shifting point, and between the harsh political environment and the global pandemic? Its safe to say that things can be a little stressful. In the preceding months, I’ve seen a consistent behavior where we almost project our idea of being “okay” and trying to help other people onto ourselves. This can create a lot of emotional disrupt, and force the idea that we have to alright with the circumstances we have been given.

While it’s important to develop healthy coping skills to use to help alleviate the pressure of our negative emotions, its also important to remember that its perfectly normal and okay to feel these things. You do not have to rush through healing, because you are human, and that in itself is a struggle. Pair being a teenager, who is just trying to figure out who they are, along with a global pandemic? Its completely rational, and valid, to feel the way that you do. You don’t have to force normalcy for anyone else’s understanding. You are beautifully made, and having these emotions doesn’t diminish that. In this article, I will be detailing just a few ways you can come to terms with, and even process, being not okay.


1.) Don’t suppress yourself. It’s easy for us to fall back into a negative behavior, just to absolve ourselves of emotions that we don’t want to feel. But allowing yourself to show and process these feelings can be one of the most successful routes to healing. Admitting to yourself, or others, that you aren’t okay can be one of the first steps to understanding your emotions for what they are.

2.) Don’t distract yourself. A lot of people practice this habit commonly, but leaving your emotions on the back burner just to do something else doesn’t just make them go away. Distracting yourself from feeling only leaves these problems for you to deal with later, instead of processing through them now.

3.) Breathe, and then process. Confronting your emotions can be scary, but feeling through these things can help you to realize what the root of the issue is. This allows you to self actualize, and realize what you can do to heal from that kind of pain. Becoming okay with not being okay, admitting and accepting your feelings as they are, and processing through them fully are some of the first steps to healing.

Remember, you are valid in the way that you feel, and you are understood. You do not have to be okay for anyone, and the only standards you should have to live up to? Are yours.

With love,

E Dye

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