Mental Health in 2021

Mental health is something a lot of students are struggling with this semester. With this in mind, I thought I would offer a few resources/tips to use when you’re feeling distressed or upset.


Breathing Exercises

Deep breathing can lower and stabilize blood pressure, as well as make you feel less stressed and relaxed. Here is a link with a few breathing exercises to use when you feel like you just need a moment.

Listen to Calming Music

I know this helps me personally when I’m upset, and I’ve compiled a playlist of songs that could potentially help you too 🙂 Here’s the link:

Meditation can be anything, whether that be sitting in one spot and breathing for a moment, or just dancing out in the rain. Whatever makes YOU the most calm and centered. 


Talk to Someone

Talk to a close friend or family member about how you’re feeling. Often times, people feel better when they express their emotions and connect over them, because this makes them feel heard. If you’re comfortable, sometimes having a good talk with someone can be very calming.


This ^ is an emotional support hotline, for when you feel like talking to someone outside of your bubble. Sometimes just letting all of your frustrations out to someone who doesn’t know you personally can be calming as well. This is a judgement free, 10-minute call opportunity where you can just let it all out if need be 🙂
Here is a website detailing just a few ways you could deal with anxiety or stress!

I know we are all going through a rough patch right now guys, but I definitely feel like we can get through this. You are all strong, unique, and talented individuals and I know that we can do this together.

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