Resilience and the Food Service Department


One month remains in 2020…wow, what a crazy year! Due to the flexible, ever-changing schedule COVID-19 has forced, What’s Cooking with Callie will adopt a new look for the time being. No worries, though…I will upload meal calendars when available. I anticipate the release of exciting, novel content until then, so stay tuned!

Resilience and the Phoenix

Numerous individuals continuously express their gratitude for the Food Service Department. The rolls are soft and a student favorite, tater tots are regarded highly, and Monday’s gyros and hummus collected quite a lot of praise. And these hard-working, authentic women are viewed as a crucial piece of Mississippi School of the Arts. In a way, they form the backbone of MSA. Their vivacious personalities prove infectious, and I appreciate their smiles and “MSA!” pep. Many students view MSA as a home, partly because of the nonstop effort of these amazing women—who are revered staff members capable of reversing negative moods. MSA would not be the same without these talented people:

Lavita Rice, Cindy King, Cheril Wilson

Lavita Rice, Cheril Rice, Karen Smith, Cynthia “Cuz” Keys

Thelma Gayten

Angela Scarborough

Next time you dine in the Phoenix, be sure to say thank you!

Cinnamon Rolls Versus Covid-19

This Wednesday, for the holidays, the Food Service Department made cinnamon rolls for everyone on campus! This uplifted the community’s mood as students begin packing for an upcoming two-week-long break and some virtual learning.

I do not possess a particular liking for cinnamon rolls, but these were stellar! Mine had a delectable ratio of roll and icing, and I loved the brown sugar. For MSA residential students, these cinnamon rolls ended Wednesday on a perfect note of sweetness.

Peace Out

Thank you all for stopping by! Enjoy the fresh winter air and “Last Christmas” by Wham! (who can refuse over-manufactured, festive synth-pop?). Have a lovely rest of the week and take care, and do not forget to consume concerning amounts of hot chocolate. (:

Until next time on What’s Cooking with Callie…

Peace out!

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