Musician Talk with David Alexander

This week I decided to sit down with MSA’s very own David Alexander. As many of you probably know, David is a senior theater here at MSA but also makes his own music. I thought it would be neat to sit down and let him tell you a little bit more about his musical journey and what he plans to do in the future.

Me: “Tell me about your music experience and what you did musically before you started making your own music.”

David: “Ever since a young age my grandfather always had Motown playing on the TV. I was always singing and dancing with Micheal Jackson. My grandad even bought me a shiny glove to match. That is what made me realized I liked music.”

Me: “What inspired you to start making music?”

David: “Girls. There was a girl in 6th grade cute to me and I wanted to write her a song. I made a song but it was TERRIBLE. I have a folder on my phone called “trash songs from middle school” that I listen to sometimes just to see how far I’ve come.”

Me: “To humble yourself a little bit?”

David: “Haha yeah for sure.”

Me: “My next question is what was your first song about? I’m guessing a girl since that’s how you started.”

David: “Haha yes it was called…I don’t even remember actually. I didn’t even finish it.”

Me: “Wow…I wish you would have performed it for her…What genre would you describe your music as?”

David: “Pop. Like soft pop. I’m trying to get more into general pop.”

Me: “Who would be your dream collab, dead or alive?”

David: “I have 3…Micheal Jackson, Brakance, and probably Aries.”

Me: “If you could open for any artist, who would it be…dead or alive.”

David: “Haha probably Travis Scott because he is so lit. We would just hype each other up and it would be so fun.”

Me: “What is your favorite song you’ve ever written or means the most to you?”

David: “It would probably be a tie between 3…S.O.S is one of them. There is one on my Thorns album called Lovesick…I just like the way that it flows. There is an unreleased one that will come out most likely on my new EP called YOLO. It’s just about finding out who you are as a person and what you want in life.”

Me: “What is your favorite song to sing…doesn’t have to be yours.”

David: “Rosier or Ginger Tea by Brakence. I’m a fan girl.”

Me: “What instruments do you play?”

David: “Piano, guitar, ukulele, some bass, moderately good at drums. I think that’s it.”

Me: “What’s your favorite?”

David: “Piano. I love guitar too but piano.”

Me: “What would you be doing if you didn’t make music?”

David: “Acting for sure. That’s an easy one.”

Me: “So do you want to go to college and pursuit music and if you do, where do you want to go?”

David: “Yes and no. I feel like what I do I don’t need college but my dad wants me to go.”

Me: “What college?”

David: “NYU for music. If I don’t get into NYU I want to go somewhere for acting.”

Me: “So where would you want to go for acting?”

David: “University of Boston, UC San Diego, UCLA, or University of Michigan for acting.”

Me: “So far away!! Ok lets switch gears, what musicians would you say you are similar to or would compare yourself to?”

David: “Right now probably Jeremy Zucker with a baby voice. Like if he sang super soft all the time.”

Me: “If you could change something about the music industry, what would you change?”

David: “With this new electronic age, it’s so hard for artist to break without money to back it up. You used to could just walk into a major label and play for them. It’s so much more accessible and everyone can do it. It’s a good thing but I think it will lead to over saturation in the industry.”

Me: “One last question, what would one piece of advice be to artists who are trying to get there start.”

David: “Start as early as you can. If you want to have a full career, start young. It’s harder as you get older. Also, if you love to do it’s worth it.”

Me: “I love that. Thanks so much for sitting down for this interview. It was so interesting to hear your beginning and where you want to end up.”

I want to give a HUGE thanks to David for being interviewed about his music journey. I hope you all enjoyed learning a little bit more about what is behind his music. If you want to check out his music, click the link to go to his Spotify.

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