How To: Deal With Toxic Friends

Toxic friends are not hard to come by. Every single person in this entire world is going to encounter at least one toxic friendship. It’s going to be rough, and you might not even realize this friend is toxic. So, here’s how to know if your friend is toxic and how to deal with them.

  1. They have crossed a major boundary for you, with no apologies. 
  2. Instead of communicating that something is wrong, they make passive-aggressive comments.
  3. They are jealous of you/your other friendships.
  4. They insult you or are mean to you.
  5. They are passive aggressive toward you.
  6. They act jealous of you.
  7. You can’t seem to do anything right by them.
  8. They can’t celebrate your successes.
  9. They aren’t interested in the important details in your life.
  10. They are never there to comfort you, but always want you to comfort them.
  11. They judge you for things you do or people you like.
  12. They don’t defend you when you’re not around.
  13. They tell your business to other people without your consent.
  14. They make you feel nervous or anxious.

Some of these on this list are obvious, but others aren’t as upfront. You might never know that you have an unhealthy friendship because they aren’t ever just downright awful towards you.

Here’s how to deal with a toxic friend.

Breathe. Even if they are toxic, you are still losing a friend. And it is going to hurt your feelings to lose them. Detach yourself from the situation. Don’t pick up the phone when they call or text. If you have to see them in person, try to distance yourself from them. Sit with someone else or stand with a different person/group of people. Don’t engage in conversation no matter how much you want to. You don’t owe them an explanation, but if they confront you about it, simply tell them that they are bad for your mental well-being. Tell them that you have nothing against them and that you don’t hate them (unless you do hate them, lol. In that case, don’t lie to them, but don’t be mean just to be mean, even if they might deserve it). And keep breathing.

Peace & Love,


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