Dress Code: Revealing The Truth

Dress coding is implemented in school’s all throughout the United States. I’m sure every public school student can testify to the fact that dress codes can be excessive and pose a limit of expression. Not only does it limit expression, it can target certain minorities.

When discussing dress code I must address the sexism, racism, and blatant discriminatory nature that surrounds it. Dress codes were first created to create a sense of equality among students, but they are anything but equal. Girls are known to be targeted exceptionally more than their male peers. Minority, races, and cultures are often targeted for their hairstyling choices that are culturally based. Sexualization also plays a key role in the discrimination surrounding dress code which is both racially and culturally charged.

Some common American dress code rules are ridiculous:

+ Skirts and shorts must be fingertip length.

According to most schools, exposure of too much leg can pose a distraction to male students. Why should the length of one’s bottoms be a distraction? Comfortability of the male is chosen over comfortability of the wearer creating a sexist environment.

+Head Wraps must not be worn outside of religious practice

Using a wrap for styling purposes is apart of African American culture. When saying that a student can’t use a head wrap, it limits the expression of their cultural background and creates a discriminatory environment for the student.

There are many more rules that American public schools have in common that are drenched in the sexist, racist, and discriminatory history of dress coding. Are dress codes even needed in schools in today’s world of 2020? Let me know your opinion of dress coding and if this article revealed the truth of dress codes.

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