Last Minute DIY Halloween Costumes

It’s the day before Halloween, and you’ve just been invited to a party or you’re attending the MSA Halloween dance, but you don’t have a costume. It’s okay; we’ve all been there! But no worries— I’ve got your back!

Here are some last minute do-it-yourself Halloween costumes that are sure to make you the haunt of the night!

Cereal Killer

This costume is quite punny, and you only need 5 items to make it:

  • A plain white t-shirt
  • Fake Blood
  • Press-on felt letters
  • Mini cereal boxes
  • Plastic cutlery

You’ll also need some sort adhesive to attach the cereal box. I recommend hot glue, but I’m sure tape would work just fine!

Salt and Pepper

This is a great duo costume for you and your partner in crime!

Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A plain white t-shirt
  • A plain black t-shirt
  • Black felt
  • White Felt

You’ll need to cut the felt into the letters ‘S’ and ‘P’. You’ll also need hot glue to adhere the the felt letters onto the shirts. That’s it!

Eye Candy

This is an easy costume that you can eat! This is what you’ll need:

  • A plain black t-shirt
  • Assorted candy of your choice
  • Assorted sized googly eyes

Once you’ve gathered all the materials, you need to assemble, and you’ll have a costume that’ll have everyone looking!

Mean Girls: Damien

First, who wouldn’t want to be everyone’s favorite gay best friend?? Second, this is one of the easiest costumes on this list. All it requires is:

  • A pastel blue hoodie
  • Black sunglasses
  • A Sign

Just 3 simple items you have laying around your house can be used to make this ICONIC costume!


This costume is even easier than the Mean Girls character! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A white sheet

All you’ve got to do is drape it over your head (be sure to cut out eye holes)! There ya go! One spooky ghost costume all done.

Wednesday Addams

All you’ll need for this iconic character is:

  • A white button-up shirt
  • A black dress OR shirt/skirt combo
  • Black shoes
  • Black stocking or tights (optional)

To complete Wednesday’s signature look, you’ll also need to braid your hair into two pigtails. With this classic costume, you’re sure to be the best dressed at any costume party!

Pumpkin Pie

This costume is perfect for all you mathematicians out there! All you need to complete this hilariously “pun” costume is:

  • Black felt
  • An orange t-shirt
  • A plastic headband
  • A plastic pumpkin

You’ll need some hot glue, as well, but all you’ve got to do is cut the black felt in the pi symbol onto you orange shirt. Then, glue the plastic pumpkin onto the headband, and there you are— pumpkin pie!

Deviled Egg

For this adorable-sadly-not-edible costume, all you need is:

  • A devil horns/tail combo set
  • A plain white t-shirt
  • Yellow felt OR Construction paper

The only thing you have to do is cut your yellow material into a circle, and adhere it to your white shirt. Then, put on the devil set, and you’re all set!

I hope this list provided you with some great last minute costumes ideas, so you can rock the night away. Happy Halloween, and stay safe, kids!

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