Inside the Closet of a Fashion Editor

Recently, I met up with our fashion editor, Stephyne Weathersby, and asked her to tell her inspiration behind the clothing she wears in some of her iconic Instagram photos.

“That outfit, actually, I was supposed to wear that to school then I missed my bus, and so, I just took some Instagram pictures. Um, the pair of pants are thrifted… I was in Biloxi and I got them from a thrift store… Goodwill, I think. And they were actually, like, 3 times my size, so I had to alter my pants.”

Similar to my fashion, Weathersby thrifts and upcycles a lot of her clothes. Except, she can sew. She explained to me that much of the clothing she buys is too big, but she takes them in or alters them to fit her body. Personally, I’d love to go thrifting with her, and I would really love to see what her process is when thrifting and upcycling her clothes to create these bomb ensembles.

She continues debunking her outfit saying, “That shirt is *NSYNC… I got that from Forever 21, that actually was a plus-size shirt, so I just took it in. I don’t know, I just love big clothes on me. I didn’t really have inspiration, but, um, the color scheme, actually, you see like how… the navy blue fits with the white and now, I know you can’t really see it, but like, the shirt has blue writing, y’know. The color scheme just fits a theme.”

“That was when I went to Jamaica, and I really wanted to go for a little island girl type style, so that’s why I paired the tube top, which I got from Romwe, and my, um, flair pants, which I got from Old Navy, I believe. I really wanted to feel native to the land, even though I really wasn’t. I didn’t look like nobody there, but y’know, I just really felt comfortable wearing it. My inspiration was just an island girl and free like the wind.”

“My birthday outfit, yeah. Actually, I wanted to go for, like, a little different style. I wanted to go for, like, really delicate and kinda a goddess, type thing, but like— not goddess, that’s the wrong thing. Just really delicate and sweet and soft, y’know. That’s why I paired the bell bottoms with the crop, the cropped shirt. That was my inspiration. And y’know, then with the YSL, because I knew I was not gonna be wearing the same purse for my seventeenth birthday.”

“Oh, yeah. I was on a cruise ship at a captain’s dinner, so we had to dress formally. I just liked how it paired together. It’s a two-piece, and my inspiration was just that we had to look nice. We had to show out, so I wanted to pop out, but not be too much.”

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