How To: Move On

You and your significant other have recently (or not recently) split up. How do you even begin to move on with your life?

Let me help. I found this poem by Rupi Kaur a few years ago that I have been super obsessed with since then. I think it will really help.

to do list (after the breakup):

  1. take refuge in your bed.
  2. cry. till the tears stop (this will take a few days).
  3. don’t listen to slow songs.
  4. delete their number from your phone even though it is memorized on your fingertips.
  5. don’t look at old photos.
  6. find the closest ice cream shop and treat yourself to two scoops of mint chocolate chip. the mint will calm your heart. you deserve the chocolate.
  7. buy new bed sheets.
  8. collect all the gifts, t-shirts, and everything with their smell on it and drop it off at a donation center.
  9. plan a trip.
  10. perfect the art of smiling and nodding when someone brings their name up in conversation.
  11. start a new project.
  12. whatever you do. do not call.
  13. do not beg for what does not want to stay.
  14. stop crying at some point.
  15. allow yourself to feel foolish for believing you could’ve built the rest of your life in someone else’s stomach.
  16. breathe.

These may seem like the hardest tasks in the entire world, but take it one step at a time. Baby steps are still steps as long as they are in the right direction. You’re doing great. I’m so proud of you. It’s going to be okay.

“The sun will rise. We will try again.”- Twenty One Pilots

And remember, somebody loves you! 🙂

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