What the 2020 Presidential Debate Says about the State of America

If there is one thing that can be described about the recent Presidential Debate, it would be “chaotic”. President Donald Trump and Democratic Nominee Joe Biden made history this night, and for all the wrong reasons. The night started off simply enough, with the topic of Obama Care and what will happen to it in the future. However, something started to happen; Donald Trump started interrupting. Then he did it again, and again, and again. Joe Biden tried his best to answer the questions but was always shot down by President Trump constantly interrupting him. Things only got worse from there, as it was very apparent that this was no longer a debate. This was a cat fight between two old men about everything wrong with America, rather than how it can be fixed.

One of the most memorable things about this night (which trust me, there were a lot), were Trump making comments about Beau Biden, Joe Biden’s deceased son, and how he suffered from drug addiction in his life. The comment was so rude, unnecessary and had basically nothing to do with the debate. He only said it to get to Joe Biden. However, the most memorable and noteworthy moment from the night is what Donald Trump had to say about white supremacy. The commentator, Chris Wallace, asked the president, “Are you willing to condemn white nationalist and militia.” The Proud Boys, a famous white supremacist group known for being homophobic, misogynistic, racist, and anti-immigrant, were an example brought up. Instead of condemning them, however, President trump told them to, “Stand back and stand by.” Members of the Proud Boys soon took to twitter saying, “I’m so happy about this!” and “Standing by now sir!” They also have took the phrase, “Stand Back and and Stand By”, and added it to there logo on their website and on merchandise.

If you ask anyone about that night, it is more than likely they will have nothing good to say—conservative or liberal, Republican or Democrat. It does not matter where you stand politically; almost everyone will tell you the night was a disaster. One thing that you can say, however, is that this debate perfectly shows the current state of the U.S.: divided and showing no hope for the future. Our country, at this moment, is still the country with the most COVID-19 cases and deaths, African-Americans are still having to fear for their lives, and we as a nation are more divided than ever.

As an outspoken liberal myself, this debate makes me very fearful for the state of our country in the future, but I still have hope. Some may say that it is stupid and ignorant to have any hope after this debate, but I truly believe that hope will be the thing that will bring the American people together. Let this debate be an example to the country that we can do better. Let this debate show the younger generations that we must vote. Your vote matters. We need to be the change for our country so that we may never have to witness another tragedy like we did during the debate. It is time that we make a difference in this country. It is time for us to be the change that this country so desperately needs.

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  1. I’ve never watched a presidential debate before in my life until the night we all watched this one together in the library. Before seeing it, I think some part of me was still holding out hope that the two canidates running this year weren’t as bad as I have always heard. But after seeing how they act for myself, that part of me died a gruesome death. While I’m no longer confident in the next four years of our country, I hope that as our generation grows up and more of us are able to vote, we’ll begin to take the state of our country more seriously and actually begin to make the changes necessary to make America great. That may be a silly thing to wish for, but I think it’s at least better than giving up hope completely!

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