Stress and Time Management

“I’m overbooked and extremely tired. How do I handle that?”

Dear Friend,

Being a student at MSA comes with the inevitable stress and time management conflict; everyone goes through it. You join clubs, schedule meetings, plan things with your friends, do school work, study, etc. You do a lot. This can lead to your stress levels being peaked and you have lost all control of how you will manage your time. No fear, for I am here!

There a multiple ways of controlling your time which results in controlling your stress! You just have to find which way works for you.

-If you are like me, you can quickly type a reminder or a calendar alert for your assignments and schedule what days and times you will be busy. This helps you not to over book yourself and not accidentally schedule two things at once. I am always checking my phone, so I can easily see when I have to do something!

-If you aren’t as technology savvy, a planner will be your best friend. It is a cheap buy AND you can keep it in your purse, bookbag, or you can carry it with you! It won’t take you no more that a few seconds to jot down whatever it is you need to!

-If you aren’t much of a pencil and paper person, try post-it notes! Find a space in your dorm where you can stick them and write a quick post-it note to yourself and stick it to the wall. You can take a few seconds each day and check your notes to see what you have to do!

These are just some of the many things you can do to become organized and decrease the chances of stress becoming a problem in your life. It is crucial to delegate your time to ensure you aren’t putting to much on yourself.

I hope this helped you! I completely understand what you’re going through and I WISH someone would have told me some ways to help before I went and figured it out myself.

Peace & Love,


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