Pokemon Sword: A Review

Today, I will be reviewing the Nintendo game, Pokemon Sword

This new region of Galar was very controversial; however, I think the game was very well done.  The main issue people had was there not being a national dex of all the Pokemon, but with close to 1,000 monsters and growing I think it is very reasonable to leave out some that do not really fit the region.  Especially since some more ‘mons were added into the game in the DLC’s that unlocked new parts of the region.  Another issue with the dex is they had all the Pokemon appear in the wild and be able to see all of them fully animated, and cutting a few out defiantly cut the time it would take and possible lag of the over world being quite literally overrun with creatures.  There is actually a very logical reason for this to happen now.  With the introduction of Pokemon Let’s Go! Pikachu and Eevee on the switch (and possibly Sun and Moon, I am unaware because I never got a chance to explore these regions as I did not have the 3DS) the creatures appeared as animated 3D models.  With only the few 151 Kanto Pokemon (and even less that appear in the wild), this feature would have been no problem to pull off by the Gamefreak team; however, when that number gets multiplied by 10, you not only run into workload problems but also potential bugs and glitches that this would lead to, so it only made sense that at some point they would decide to limit the number of ‘mons in one place at one time.  

Of course, my opinion on Galar might be a bit biased as It was my first normal Pokemon game since Let’s GO! Eevee was a bit different than how Pokemon games usually work.  Then again I am here to express my opinions, and they are mostly positive, but I will try to be as honest as I can.  For one thing, I loved the story, it was very immersive and never left me bored.  I also really liked Hop’s story arch as it was relatable to be the overlooked little sibling.  The gym leaders where all full of personality and you could really tell what they were all about.  While Marnie was not the most challenging Rival, I really liked her design; however, Team Yell was a bit dumb in my opinion, and really did not pose much of a threat. It did add a bit of depth to the fact many people wanted Marnie to win and would do whatever they could to ensure her victory.  It has been a while since I played the main story, but I think Marnie also gets stronger as the game progresses.  Although I think I managed to have an undefeated run of the main story arch, I still did not feel I was being babied to get to win.  Especially the later battles in the game, they kept me on the edge of my seat, which is exactly what I like to see from this kind of game.

On another note, the music in this game was incredible!  It really added the feeling of being in a battle in a coliseum (or maybe not in Pieres’ case, sorry Pieres.)  It just really added to the emersion of the game and made the right emotions all tie together correctly.  Also on Bede’s note, I thought he was a girl a good way into the game, and apparently, other people had this same confusion, so maybe that could be cleared up a little bit better, or maybe Beder- I’m sorry. 

Another controversial topic is the introduction of Dynamaxing and Gigantimaxing.  Personally, I think it’s something that makes the Galar region unique; at least if it stays there but it may go on to other regions in the future.  I think this component is a nice blend of Mega Evolution and a Z Moves.  It is more balanced I think, and although not all Pokemon get a new Gigantimax form, all Pokemon can Dynamax, and it only lasts’ 3 turns, so it is not a destroy everything button.  I also like the wild battles where you can take on these powerful ‘mons, it kind of reminds me of Raid Battles in Pokemon GO, yes I still play it, I know I know. 

Now, the starter I chose was Scorebunny, and let me tell you that was the right choice, Cinderace looks amazing and is so full of personality.  Defiantly the cleanest looking of the final starter forms in my opinion.  The design is absolutely perfect.  While the middle stage, Raboot is a bit awkward looking, that is common for middle starters and so not really a problem.  Also, I think it’s kind of a “teenager” form, where it is supposed to be awkward but I don’t know that’s just my take on it. 

I won’t spoil the ending of the game for those of you who have not played it but it sure is a wild ride.  The lore of the region is very immersive and you feel as though you really are a part of the game, not just like you are sitting there watching it.  You really feel the mystique of the Slumbering Wield and the legendary guardians who live there; quietly protecting the forest.   

I am currently playing the Dojo DLC (I forgot the name, I’m bad with names); I think it’s called the Isle of Armor.  So far it is going pretty well, except when I accidentally knock out a Pokemon I want to catch, that’s always annoying.  Right now I’m stuck trying to find where to take my Kubfo, the island place I can’t seem to get to, so if you know I’d love a little help.  Anyways, Until I complete the DLCs I think these are pretty much my opinions on the game. Hope to see you next time!

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