2020 Fall Fashion Faves

The leaves are beginning to detach from the trees and so should our Summer fashion trends. Fall is here and it is time to cover up and get cozy. Say goodbye to shorts, slides, and tank tops. And say hello to jean jackets, turtle necks and beanies.

One of my favorite fall fashion trends is simply denim on denim. No matter what you identify as denim is ALWAYS a go-to. Not only is denim fashionable, you can easily find it at a local thrift store. So, not only would you be saving coin, you’ll look good doing it!! Depending on how you accessorize, a denim on denim look could be perfect for a casual date night or even just an everyday fit.

To get the perfect denim on denim look you’ll first need the obvious, denim!! Pair your favorite jean jacket with a matching pair of jeans and your fit is halfway done. Next, it’s time to pick shoes and a top. A hoodie and a matching pair of sneakers would complete your fit for an everyday look. But, if you’re looking to be a little more dressed up, add a nice turtleneck paired with either boots or loafers to add a sense of style.

Turtlenecks can be a bit tricky to wear sometimes, but once you add the jewelry over top, baby, a whole other level has been reached. Not everyone likes to wear jewelry and that is perfectly fine. But, a simple statement necklace, rings, and earrings can really elevate an entire look. A layering of three or less necklaces makes turtlenecks looks less boring and really fashionable.

I asked around and some people think that when it’s colder you have to dress for comfort and not style. WRONG!!! Just because it’s getting colder doesn’t mean you can’t have a sense of fun surrounding your fashion. Experiment with prints and patterns. Pairing a printed top with an earth tone bottom is simply top tier or even doing the vice versa of pairing an earth tone top with a print bottom.(Earth tone colors scream fall.) Don’t be afraid to experiment with your fashion choices. Print with a pattern and a pattern with a print is a bold choice you can definitely try if you think you’re ready.

Lastly, since it’s getting colder you can really utilize those accessories. As said before jewelry really elevates a look. But, now, hats, outerwear and bags can be added to the equation. Since this is the year of Corona Virus, make those masks work for you. You can buy plain but colorful reusable masks or even disposables. (I recommend black disposables, black matches everything.) If you think what you’re wearing is looking a bit on the dull side simply spice it up by adding your accessories. If you have a scarf that matches a bag, make it work!! If it doesn’t match, even better.

Lastly, the best thing to add to your fall fashion collection is confidence. You make the clothes the clothes don’t make you. If you think you can make a garbage bag, a gold waist chain and red pumps work… GO FOR IT!!! Because at the end of the day, you are expressing yourself. Fashion is a form of expression. So, you better express your most confident self to the world, flaws and all. Nothing is going to stop you otherwise, except maybe dress code.

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