Dealing with Exam Stress

As final exams are approaching, I’ve seen many students struggling, especially those seniors with intense cases of senioritis, so I’ve compiled a list of tips to conquer exam stress and ace those finals! We’re gonna get through this- together!

  • One Step at a Time

It’s easy to become overwhelmed with exams, especially if you’ve got multiple, but for me, I usually try to break it into sections, doing it a little at a time, so I don’t get so overwhelmed that I shut down.

  • Time Management

Studying is important, no dispute, but don’t spend so much time studying that you forget to take care of yourself or other obligations. Allocate a little time daily to dedicate to studying, but allocate time for yourself and other things, as well.

  • Don’t Cram

I know most of us have all crammed the night before a big test or 30 minutes before while the teacher is taking attendance, but it’s so much more efficient to study a little at a time consistently, rather than attempting to learn it all at once. You’re more likely to forget things that way or overthink, so try to allot enough time to study beforehand.

  • Nourish Your Body

Drink plenty of water and eat something that fuels your brain before you begin your exams to help you stay focused. This doesn’t always help everyone, but do what works best for you.

  • Know Your Worth

This tip might be the most important. It’s crucial to know that no matter what grade you make, you are not defined by that number, or any number for that matter. You need to know your worth, so that you are not consumed by grades and ratings.

Those are my tips! I hope they help you get through this busy, stressful time.

Happy studying, and good luck with exams! 🙂

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