End of the School Year Blues


It’s almost summer. Even though we’re still in a pandemic, it’s still a fun time of year. No schoolwork, hot girl summer, tans, swimming, all that fun stuff. But there’s a different aspect to this. For seniors and juniors, it’s the time of year when things begin to change.

Seniors are preparing for an entirely new chapter in their lives. Those 12 years are over. Seniors are preparing to go to college and start the journey towards their career.

Juniors are transitioning to seniors. They’re in the home stretch, preparing for the last year of their 12 years. They’re now the highest level on campus. They’re to be seen as a mentor for the underclassmen.

At MSA, seniors and juniors develop a special bond. Seniors specially a junior to help mentor, form a bond, and walk through their first year at a residential high school. These two classes live together for a year, before the seniors leave at the end, allowing the juniors to take over.

It’s a beautiful thing, really. The student becomes the master. But as these seniors leave school to begin their own journeys, it can break the hearts of those they leave behind.

As a senior myself, I wasn’t expecting myself to be so sad in these last few weeks of school. 5 weeks left. It seems like just yesterday I was walking up the stairs to my room, meeting new people, becoming a respected actor in my own right. I have worked hard here, writing new pieces, acting in plays and scenes, performing monologues. I don’t know why I thought I could just pick up and leave and be fine with it.

Truth is, it’s a lot harder than I thought. I’ve made some friends for life here. People I don’t know how I can leave behind. My heart aches thinking about it.

Despite this, I’ve been managing to stay in a good mental place. I’ve been soaking up these last few weeks with my friends, not focusing on the future. I’m living in the moment. When we graduate, of course I’ll cry. It’s something I hadn’t thought about though.

To my junior class, I thank you. I thank you for being supportive, hard-working, and patient. This year hasn’t been easy. I hope our senior class has been a good role model for you. I hope we have come across as good mentors, who have instilled in you a drive to become good mentors to your own juniors.

I’ll miss you. And I thank you.


Abigail Marie Troth

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