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Senior TheatresRivers and Roads- The Head and the Heart
“This has been a crazy year, and we missed out on a lot of the normal Junior/Senior experiences. As much as I wish we could’ve had more time for our companies to bond, I’m thankful for the way we made the most of the time we did have. You guys have gone above and beyond, academically and artistically, in the midst of a pandemic. I’m proud of each and everyone of you, and I know you’re all going to do big things. I love you guys, don’t forget to text.

I’m done being sappy now. Get off your phones in Dr. Brooks’ class.”
Zoie McClure (everyone’s favorite junior)
All StudentsMasterpiece- Jazmine SullivanMs. Arreika Thomas

Senior vocal, Josie Deaton, has a new cover out now; go check it out on her YouTube channel now!

Music FOR you, BY you

This playlist was curated by senior vocal, Quintin Powell, for prom! If you enjoyed the songs played at prom, here they are!

Song Submissions for Playlist

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