Fabulous Food Reviews and More (March 1-5, 2021)


Good morning, afternoon, or evening to you all. Merely days exist between us and spring break—how exciting! This time of year, the daily commute proves a bit arduous for both students and staff alike. However, the food service department planned an absolutely stellar menu for the week. Everyone has found this menu not only impressive but much-needed. With about ten weeks remaining in the school year, senioritis wants to infect every member of the student body. Sleeping though alarms, running to class, and sacrificing sleep to balance assignments takes a lot of a Mississippi School of the Arts’ student. The ramen-eating dorm-dwellers are missing out, for these immaculate meals are exactly what our student body needs in this crisis of low motivation and exhausted energy!


Callie’s Rad Reviews


Tuesday: My lunch mainly consisted of Cuz’s fried chicken, rice with gravy, and the summer squash. The Phoenix has the best gravy! I am not lying, I have developed a constant craving for gravy because of my time at MSA. I am always grateful when the cafeteria ladies pour gravy on gravy-deserving foods such as rice, mashed potatoes, stuffing, or a protein like ham. Although I am hyping up this gravy, the fried chicken made me the happiest—its skin was so crispy, the meat so tender.

Wednesday:For lunch, I got the creole catfish for my entree. With some lemon juice and tartar sauce, the fish never lasts longer than a minute on my plate. I literally devour it, apparently. It is seasoned so superbly!


Wednesday: I decided on the Cornish hen, cornbread dressing, steamed carrots, and a salad. First of all, the salads are always wonderful. I always opt for a packet of dressing and a packet of bacon bits…love having toppings! A nice salad with juicy tomatoes is just what you need some days for some uplifting. Moving on, guess what? The cafeteria ladies were wonderful enough to pour gravy on my cornbread dressing! It was definitely delicious, and that Cornish hen…was a meal, I will tell you. Like the fried chicken, it was tender and had a nice, slightly crispy skin.

Note: I missed Monday and Tuesday’s dinner, sadly. I was looking forward to the beefy Rotel so, so much, and I overslept! Word of advice, set an alarm if you plan on taking a ten minute nap before dinner.

All in all, I am incredibly impressed with our one-of-a-kind food service department! I look forward to eating in the Phoenix every time lunch and dinner come around. Thank you for everything, and I am so excited for Thursday’s meal items!

Callie’s Rad Recommendations

Eat in the Phoenix Thursday, especially for dinner! (;

Peace Out

Thank you all for reading this week’s What’s Cooking with Callie article! I appreciate all of your views and votes; yes, you are all very much appreciated! Keep up the good work and believe in yourself, always. Spring break is almost upon us, so look forward to a week of no school work. And, one last time, I love this week’s menu so much, oh my goodness, I could cry. Ha ha!

Wishing you all a groovy rest of the week,

Callie (:

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