Charts in Astrology

Charts are… not easy to interpret, which is one of the reasons it’s taken me forever to sit down and write this article. I was originally going to make a whole article about the houses in astrology, but I think it’s more fitting to give a brief description in addition to other chart symbols and what they mean in interpretation.

Houses are the location of planets at an exact moment, either in a current chart or your time of birth in a natal chart. These placements give insight on what is in store for your past, present, or future, in regard to your life events.

  • 1st House: Ego
  • 2nd House: Values
  • 3rd House: Expression
  • 4th House: Home
  • 5th House: Romantic Relationships
  • 6th House: Routine
  • 7th House: Friendships and Partnerships
  • 8th House: Transformation and Mysteries
  • 9th House: View of the World
  • 10th House: Purpose
  • 11th House: Evolution
  • 12th House: Mental Health

Aspects involve two planets, and the angle they make to each other at a time.

  • Conjunction: Zero degrees apart, combining the energies of both.
  • Sextile: Sixty degrees apart, point to ease in the energy.
  • Square: Ninety degrees apart, intense and stubborn, but taking action.
  • Trine: 120 degrees apart, positive outcomes, but lazy efforts.
  • Opposition: Opposite on the chart, 180 degrees. Discontent, uncertainty, and insecurity.

Planet and other natal placements are often hard to read in a chart due to the symbols used, so here’s a little cheat:

Now, unless you’ve been studying astrology for a LONG time, you probably won’t be able to identify these things in a chart. I’ve found that the app TimePassages is the most accurate and user-friendly app that tells you everything you need to know about your natal chart placements and aspects, current chart placements and aspects, and what that means for your daily horoscope.

It doesn’t go in depth when it comes to house placements, so those require some research, but it’s well worth it to analyze your aspects.

Coming soon, I’ll open a submission box if anyone wants to ask what a placement in their chart means – completely anonymous and free of charge.

This is not an easy journey if you want to learn a lot, but it’s so rewarding and can bring a lot of peace and knowledge to your life and future. If this isn’t your path, however, you will be just fine, and I’ll be here every step of the way if you have questions.

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