Student Life

📸: Maleigh Crespo, Morgan Love, Wesly Boykin, Suzanne Hirsch

Over the past few days, MSA has gotten to slip into a snow week! Don’t break your bums on the slides!

📸: Maleigh Crespo & Suzanne Hirch

MSA is celebrating its Mardi Gras with a show-stopping shoe parade! Let’s check out some of the fabulous footwear that our students have created!

📸: Maleigh Crespo

Even though the weather outside is frightful, MSA Game Night was still delightful! We hope to see you around for the next one!

This week, we are celebrating Black History Month by participating in Black Spirit Week!

📸: Courtesy of MSA

Last week, the Media and Literary students had a creative chat with Maximus Wright, one of Mississippi’s top independent filmmakers!

📸: John Kelly Shelburne

To spur on creativity, the junior and senior medias have been pitted against each other in some movie making melee to see which group is the most fantastic of filmmakers!

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