Drab or Fab? Socks and Heels

What’s up, fashionistas?! We’re back! This week we’re going to be doing a deep dive into the questionable trend of… socks and heels, as requested by YOU in our previous post.

Socks and heels is a trend that I first saw last year on MSA’s campus, actually. It was former senior literary, Vic Jerde.

Courtesy of Victoria Jerde

When I asked Jerde about her bold statement, she said “I was like, ‘Me wearing just high heels with my toes out [in this outfit] just doesn’t do it, y’know. So, I just tried some socks, y’know. And a few people said some mean things to me about it or gave me mean looks, but at the end of the day, it was really experimental. I mean, I knew that people would look at me weird, but I got out of my comfort zone, which is always good.”

I have to agree with Jerde— experimenting with fashion is ALWAYS a good idea, in my opinion! Fashion is subjective, and it’s made for creativity and flexibility. Fashion can truly be whatever you want it to be, and if socks and heels are fashionable to you, then they’re fashionable, and you’re serving LOOKS!

It may be new, but if you think it’s cute, go for it! For tips on how to rock this trend, check out Brit + Co!

Trend Submission

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