How Do the Arts Affect Your Mental Health? Part 3

Part three of a four part series

And we’re back! Though this week is super difficult (we’re in the middle of a winter storm!), and I’m currently writing without power, I couldn’t just ignore my series!

This week, we’re interviewing Wesly Boykin! Wesly is an old friend of mine, that I’ve known since before I even came to MSA. He has a deep love and respect of the arts.

Wesly Boykin is a vocal senior from Sebastopol, Mississippi.

Abigail: Vocals are the singers and musicians of the school. What are some ways music has uplifted you, or just generally brightened your mood?

Wesly: Throughout quarantine last year, music was one of the few things that helped me through. I think music was quintessential to my mental state last year. The act of just sitting down, closing your eyes, and listening to some calming music is one of the best things ever. I enjoy singing music in a group because it feels like food to my soul. Everyone’s individual parts becoming one is one of the most beautiful things on this Earth.

Abigail: We’ve heard music all of our lives. How long has it affected your mental health?

Wesly: Mental health plays such an important role in everyone’s lives that is often detrimental to their survival. Music has gotten many others through so many difficult times in their life. Having music in your life allows you to feel more of your own emotions. Some music to brighten your day is awesome when you are surrounded by so much negativity. Music affects the way we feel about difficult struggles that we deal with each and every day.

Thanks for being such a great interviewee Wesly!

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