Who’s Who 2021

Miss MSA – Maleigh Crespo    –    Mr. MSA – David Echols 

Discipline Favorites 

Seniors       –      Juniors 

Vocal: Mya Bell – Elizabeth Merritte 

Theatre:  De’Cayla Day – Gracie Alford 

Visual: Sonia Matrick – Kelly Eubanks 

Literary: Callie Matthews – Sydney Knotts 

 Dance: Heaven Gordon – De’Unsae Smith-Fields 

Media: Addison Laird – Kurtai Mitchell 

Senior Superlatives

Class Clowns – Allison Dobson, Wesly Boykin   

Best Dressed – Callie Matthews, Cornelius Kimple  

Most Likely to Brighten Your Day – Mya Bell, Maleigh Crespo 

Most Likely to be Late for Zoom Meeting – Emmie Leggett, David Echols  

Most Likely to Become President – De’Cayla Day, Stephyne Weathersby  

Worst Case of Senioritis – Allison Dobson, Ronald Ries 

Best Person to Quarantine With – Kymbrianna Griggs, Katie Spiers 

Best “Best Friends” – David Echols & Cornelius Kimple 

Junior Superlatives

Class Clowns – Olivia Walker, Skyeler Breland 

Best Dressed – Taylor Lafayette, Kurtai Mitchell 

Most Outgoing – Olivia Walker, Skyeler Breland 

Most Involved – Kayla Braswell, Leigh-Michael Cannon 

Most Likely to be Late for a Zoom Meeting – Micheal Hart, Jeremy Rodriguez 

Biggest Procrastinators – Cyla Henry, Emma Roberts 

Most Likely to Rule the World – Eli Giammarco, Zoie McClure 

Most Likely to be a Main Character – Juliana Walley, Diego Mendez 

Most Likely to Become a Streamer – Lauren Stamps, Anton Jackson 

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