Student Life

The MSA dance department’s 11th and 12th repertory companies showcased their informal winter production last night, and our jaws are still on the floor. It was such a captivating performance by these lovely ladies!

📸: Maleigh Crespo

To view the livestreamed version of this event, click here.

📸: Maleigh Crespo

This weekend, our seniors got together to make a new tie-dye tradition by adding some creative chaos to the senior shirts!

🎥: Stephyne Weathersby

As Class of 2021 gets ready to move onto to college and beyond, it’s good to remember some of the people who got us here. Let’s give Class of 2020 a big round of applause!

📸: Carrie Garrett, Science Teacher

MSA celebrated National Wear Red Day on Friday, February 5th. This day encourages women to know their Blood pressure, cholesterol levels, as well as their body mass index (BMI) to better understand their risk for heart disease. In these photos, our in school nurse, Mrs. Denise Owen takes the blood pressure of Mrs. Garrett’s 3rd block class.

🎥: Maleigh Crespo

Let’s give a big happy birthday to Ms. Savannah Holmes, everyone’s favorite 2nd Floor Desk Diva and 4th Floor Dorm Mom! MSA would not be the same without you!

📸: Katherine Scroggins

To keep the pandemic from taking away our positivity, MSA had its first of many pep rallies! Let’s keep our spirits and grades high for the rest of the school year!

📸: Maleigh Crespo/Mya Bell

COVID has not stopped love from filling the air because MSA’s Valentine’s Day dance (minus the slow dancing) this weekend was one of our best and also had performances from multiple disciplines!

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