Student Opinions on the Phoenix



Today, for all of you lovely people, I have a few opinions on the Phoenix I have received from students. Although I generally share my honest thoughts, not everyone’s taste buds match. Curious to know the impressions of your peers? Continue reading to compare your own!

Opinion Number One:

Favorite food from the cafeteria: “I’d say my favorite main dish is the chicken Alfredo and my favorite side is the mash potatoes.”

Least favorite food from the cafeteria: “Personally, I’m not a big fan of the Beef-A-Roni.”

Why you eat in the Phoenix: “I eat in the Phoenix most days because I’m a sucker for a fresh, warm meal! It’s really comforting to know that there’s always something healthy and tasty available for us students during each mealtime.”

Anything different you want to see: “I’d like to see a little more diversity in the pasta dishes and sandwiches we are served.”

Opinion Number Two:

Favorite food from the cafeteria: Chicken nuggets.

Least favorite food from the cafeteria: Because this person is a picky eater, they can not stand mixed food such as John Wayne casserole.

Why you eat in the Phoenix: Because it is convenient and quick.

Why you do not eat in the Phoenix: This person does not eat in the phoenix—especially for dinner—because they do not have the energy for more social interaction. They also would rather not stand in line for cafeteria food because all school food, no matter where it comes from, is mediocre.

Opinion Number Three:

“I believe that they should have more ranch packets/cups in the cafeteria for lunch. You don’t know what people like to eat ranch with. Ranch could make their lunch taste even better to them!”

Opinion Number Four:

One person, who has allergies, finds it challenging to eat in the Phoenix because they do not know everything that is present in the food, especially with their allergies not being typical.

Opinion Number Five:

When asked about their opinion on the Phoenix, one person replied, “More cookies…especially the ones with the M&M’s.”

Another student chimed in, “Yeah, the ones with the colorful candies because we’re art students.”

Earlier that day, during lunch, the first person asked everyone in their vicinity if they wanted their cookies and nearly cried tears of joy when we halved mine.

Peace Out!

If you have an opinion you want featured in a What’s Cooking with Callie, feel free to email me any time. I quite enjoyed hearing all of your thoughts.

I also have one opinion to add: This week, the food has been absolutely stellar. I had the best potato soup ever with some Cajun-seasoned fish and hush puppies. And for dinner I had country fried steak with mashed potatoes and gravy and a biscuit that puts Popeyes to shame. These awesome meals have been so awesome for our tired, busy student body. Thank you,food service department!

Have a good rest of the week, and I hope to see you all in the Phoenix!


Callie 🙂

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