How Has the Arts Affected Your Mental Health? Part 2

Part two of a four part series

For part two of my special interview, I conducted a virtual interview with Sydney Knotts.

Sydney is a junior literary from Laurel, Mississippi with a great passion for writing. She had a passion in her interview. Her answers were heartfelt, well thought, and vivid. I can relate to that. I’ve been writing for as long as I can remember. I love acting (honestly), but writing will always be my number one passion. I honestly teared up reading her answers because she had such a way with words.

While also sharing her passion and deepest thoughts, she provided good tips and helpful words. Sydney is an inspiration to writers everywhere.

I can’t wait to share what she said with y’all.

Abigail Troth: Have you ever used writing as a way to aid your mental health, like journaling or a diary? 

Sydney Knotts: There have been several points in time when I took up daily journaling as a way to improve my mental health. I think it’s a perfect way check-in with yourself and great for venting about whatever is going on in your life!

Abigail Troth: Is there an author or writer that has moved you and had a positive effect on your mental health? If so, who? What work did that to you? 

Sydney Knotts: Creative self-help workbooks like “How to be Happy (Or at Least Less Sad)” by Lee Crutchley have aided me tremendously as I works towards a greater understand of myself and my mental health. Also, I’ve found that being able to dive into intricately crafted fictional worlds, like The Harry Potter series, to be wonderful for engaging your mind and escaping the harshness of reality for a bit.

Abigail Troth: What are some common feelings you get from writing, whether it’s your own or someone else’s? 

Sydney Knotts: With my own writing, I feel freedom and relief, like the water is finally draining from my ears after a long day of swimming. The process of weaving together a story is an extremely gratifying experience and being able to look back on my work affirms my sense of purpose and illuminates the value I can put into the world.

Thank you, Sydney, for your passionate words and being an amazing interviewee.

Take care,


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