Student Life

This past week, we were able to have Experience MSA Day virtually! Hopefully, this will bring in lots of new students to give Mississippi some new great artists!

📸: Maleigh Crespo

MSA students are finally having a chance to do something they rarely ever do: chill! After exam week and Experience MSA Day, it’s hight time for some rest and relaxation!

📸: Maleigh Crespo

Our Junior Theatres are now experiencing the new world of work that is Tammy Stanford. We wish them luck as their skill and exhaustion continues to grow!

📸: Maleigh Crespo

Our Literaries are hard at work on completing their next big projects! With new assignments comes new opportunities to show the world the power of the printed word!

📸: Maleigh Crespo

Are you a writer? Are you an artist? Do you have an interest in being published?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then this opportunity is for you! The 2021 literary journal, The Phoenix, is now accepting submissions of songs, monologues, poems, personal essays, short fiction, photography, visual art, companion pieces, and more! Submit your work on Moodle. For more information, contact a senior literary or Mrs. Sibley.

📸: Maleigh Crespo

Not only have we escaped from 2020, but we have also escaped from MSA’s New Year’s Escape Room and Scavenger Hunt!

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