The Risks of Self-Diagnosis

Do you ever get a little cough and you Google your symptoms on Wikipedia and next thing you know you’ve got a massive life-threatening disease?

Yeah. I think we’ve all been there.

It’s common and understandable to research our symptoms when we’re feeling under the weather. Most of the time for colds, the flu, and now possibly COVID, we’re not always wrong. But there’s an issue.

Self-diagnosing mental health issues.

It’s not wrong. It’s understandable that some people can’t afford to go to the doctor and receive an actual medical diagnosis. But there are risks that come with self-diagnosis.

One of the many risks that rises with self-diagnosing is the faith that you’re putting into a website. Now John Hopkins is a pretty reliable source, considering that it’s a well known medical center. But most people don’t take do their research from trusted medical sources.

TikTok. Facebook. Instagram. Tumblr.

Can we truly trust that? Of course, you might see a post that gives you good advice, or makes you think, but it’s not safe to diagnose yourself based on social media.

Another risk that comes with self-diagnosing is misdirection.

For example, if someone has mood swings they often diagnose themselves with bipolar disorder or manic-depressive illness. But in reality, mood swings can vary across many different medical scenarios. It can be borderline personality disorder or depression. If you take these diagnoses to a medical official, they will help you figure out what is actually the issue at hand. But sometimes, if wrongly diagnosed, the medical officials can be misled, and so can you.

It can cause a panic disorder.

If you diagnose yourself with a dangerous or scary or scary medical condition, it can stress you out. Greatly. It’s dangerous. It can worsen your mental health, and bad mental health can lead to bad physical health.

You can begin taking medications that aren’t good for you, or mix them.

If you believe that you have the condition, you can begin treating something you possibly don’t have. You can take medication that isn’t good for you. It can affect your physical and mental health negatively. And if you’re already taking medication, mixing it with this medication that isn’t good for you is dangerous.

It’s spreading falsity.

It’s not ok to spread things about yourself that aren’t true. That’s damaging to yourself and others.

It’s understandable that not everyone can receive an actual diagnosis. But it’s not always right or healthy to diagnose yourself without doing proper research and receiving proper medical attention. Please, do your research and stay safe.

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