Student Life

📸: Maleigh Crespo

Calling all MSA Students 🗣

The MSA Literary Arts department will soon begin the production process for the award-winning literary journal, The Phoenix, and they are asking for your work! More info to come.

📸: John Kelly Shelburne

See what the junior medias have been working on; take a look at their one-shot films! They can be viewed here.

Senior literary, Morgan Love, competed in the in-school virtual Poetry Out Loud competition, and she was once again named our school’s winner! Last year, Love was chosen to represent Mississippi in the National Poetry Out Loud competition, and she hopes to be chosen as our state’s representative this year, as well. RISE wishes her the best as she embarks on this journey once again.

🎥: Vocal Department

MSA vocals didn’t let virtual learning stop them from showing their esteemed choir director how they appreciate him!

📸: POSE Staff

There is a new student publication o the horizon! Students on the POSE staff have been working diligently to release a digital magazine that empowers and challenges beauty standards. To learn more about this magazine, check out the Fashion column! To view the magazine, click here.

📸: Clinnesha Sibley

Senior literary students, Stephyne Weathersby and Callie Matthews, were selected as finalists in the MTA Playwriting contest.

Recently, it was announced that Weathersby was declared the winner. RISE congratulates these students for their courage in submitting work and putting themselves out there. It has definitely paid off!

📸: Maleigh Crespo

Views from virtual world with our senior class 💻

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