For the Love of Macaroni and Cheese

Welcome Back

Good day! I hope everyone had a pleasant holiday season with some much-needed recuperation. But, alas, the festive cheer—nonexistent sleeping schedules and an unhealthy influx of Hallmark— must end. Slipping back into a routine proves quite arduous. You all, perhaps, are familiar with this: the inescapable embrace of your bed when the alarm goes off too soon, the seriously unhelpful lack of motivation, and the sudden realization that, wow, you have a lot to do!

Therefore, I would prefer not to afflict my viewers with a lengthy article written without flavor. At this time of year, we all need a bit of fun! Although I have more serious content on the horizon—including recommendations for more awesome cafeteria food!—I decided to pay homage to one of Mississippi School of the Arts’ most revered work of art: the macaroni and cheese served in our very own cafeteria, the Phoenix. I dedicate this cheesy poem to those of you with quality taste palettes. I, too, regard MSA’s macaroni as the eighth wonder of the world. Enjoy!

An Ode to Macaroni and Cheese

You glimmer gold

beneath the cafeteria fluorescents—

simply irresistible,

a model of impeccable beauty;

my adoration for you is as endless

as the starry night, as abundant

as the grains of sand

on any shoreline;

must I have you with salt or pepper?


I shall have you only with a smile

and my fork;

you are the subject of my

stomach’s most profound desire,

my forbidden muse,

for I know one bowl of you is

not enough…

I shall have two—no,

make that twenty plus one!

Oh, I must confess that I can not

withstand your addictive allure,

your cheesy charm;

I seek you out at every meal,

hoping you might catch my eye

with your gleaming,

dreamy smile.

Thank you all for reading! I had so much fun writing this irregular ode…maybe a little too much fun. I hope you all enjoyed this laid-back, flavorful week on What’s Cooking with Callie! If your heart yearns for more poems, feel free to suggest foods in the comment section below.

Peace Out

Farewell, fellow cool people! May motivation find you and macaroni lift your spirits. I wish you all a great first month of 2021. Take care, and remember to update your attendance if you are a virtual student.

And as always…see you in the Phoenix!

P.S. You will find delectable macaroni in that sacred place. (:

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