Student Life

📸: Mya Bell

MSA students have returned to campus, and we are staying solid in maintaining social distancing while still expressing our creative talents!

📸: John Kelly Shelburne

The Junior Medias are keeping their cameras and their minds stable while facing this pandemic!

📸: Submitted Photo

Our own Isabella Gandy has made her own website to share her vibrant artistic vision with the world. Check it out here!

📸: Clinnesha Sibley

Our Literaries have been reaching high and creating new works for National Novel Writing Month, writing more words than there are stars in the sky!

📸: Scholastic/Kelly Varner/Clinnesha Sibley

Both, Visual and Literary departments, have been working towards their Scholastic goals. We see gold keys in their future!

📸: McLain Boyd

Meet MSA’s newest ball of joy and happiness, Ollie! He’s the school’s newest icon and has become loved by all!

📸: Maleigh Crespo

Even though we’re a little late for Thanksgiving, we can still be thankful for this school and each other by starting the holidays with a bang!

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