Dressing for the Winter

Well Mississippians it is finally here… the cold. We have all felt winter’s harsh welcoming this week. I personally enjoy the springtime because it is not too hot or cold, a perfect balance. However, I do have some tips to share when it comes to dressing for the winter. So if you want to know how to stay cute and warm keep reading!

1. Always wear a tank top.

Growing up my grandmother has told me to wear a tank top underneath my shirts. Granted I don’t always but in the winter time you best believe I have a tank top on. Trust me you well feel the difference.

2. Layer, boo, Layer.

Okay so pro-tip not only is layering efficient to staying warm, it is also cute. When I layer it usually consists of a turtle neck, and a graphic tee. However, there are numerous ways you can layer your clothes. Here are two outfits I recently wore and I experimented with layering and color schemes.

3. Always bring a jacket.

I am sure you have heard countless of times to always bring a jacket, but it is true! When the weather is cold I always bring a jacket with me no matter if I am wearing a long sleeve shirt. A tip would be to buy a jacket that is easy to match with. For example: gray, brown, and of course black and white. Jean jackets are cute however they don’t do a good job on keeping you warm.

Do not do this during the winter.

I completely understand everyone has there on sense of fashion, which I love. But here are a few things I will not suggest doing during the winter time.

  1. Do not wear sandals or open toe shoes. *that includes socks and sandals* (yeah, I’m calling you out).
  2. Do not wear shorts. Skirts and dresses are fine but make sure you balanced it with a long sleeve or stockings. But shorts are a NO GO!
  3. Do not wear your Uggs when it is raining or snowing unless they are water proof. This is not me policing fashion this is just tip because I had to learn the hard way. Uggs are expensive but that doesn’t mean they are destructible.

Lastly, Always Stay Comfortable.

It is far too cold to be uncomfortable so make sure you keep that in mind. I want us to stay warm, cute, and comfortable. Until next time stay slayed!

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