DIY Christmas Gifts

“Dear RISE, I want to give my friends gifts for Christmas, but I can’t afford to buy much. Can you help me?”

Dear friend,

Often times during the holidays our friends and family buy us gifts to show us they care, but sometimes, we don’t have the means to reciprocate in a way that requires purchasing, and that’s okay! You can still show them you care without breaking the bank. Here is a list of some easy, DIY Christmas gifts that’ll make anyone smile!

Christmas Care Package

This is a cute care package box for someone! You could take an empty box laying around your house, and take construction paper or wrapping paper to cover the insides. For the tree, you could paint over black construction paper, and use stickers for the ornaments. You could make it as fancy as you wanted, or not at all. In the left photo, the person used printed out photos of the Grinch, but if you don’t have a printer, you can just use stickers purchased at the Dollar Tree! You could get everything to fill up the box there, as well.

Here’s some ideas of what to put in the box(all can be found at your local Dollar Tree):

There you have it! A great Christmas gift for a friend for only $10.

Christmas {Tea} Tree

Have a friend who enjoys tea?? Find out their favorite kind, and make them this:

All you’ll need is a tea packets, foam cone, and an adhesive (I recommend tape and not hot glue because we want the tea to be used), and an empty paper towel or 2 toilet paper roll. If you can not find a foam cone, The Dollar Tree has rectangle foam blocks that you would simply need to shave into a cone-like shape.

First, you’ll take the cone, and glue or tap the tea packets overlapping row by row. Once you are done, cut your paper towel in half, unless you are using 2 toilet paper rolls. Take one roll, and cut it down the middle; cut off the excess side that fold in. You will then draw a star to go on top of your tea tree. Color the star yellow (if you want, you can take some Elmer’s glue and put gold glitter on it). Cut out the star you have just drawn, and glue it in place on the top. Then, take the roll, and cut it until it is about 2 inches tall; glue it to the bottom of your foam cone for your base. And you’re all done, your favorite tea drinking friend is about to get the best gift!

Want a simple gift that’s cheap, thoughtful, and requires minimal time or effort? I’ve got you! Here’s some gifts that follow all of those requirements:

Hope this helped you create the perfect gift without spending a ton of money!

Happy Holla-days!


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