Happy Thanksgiving!


First and foremost, I want to wish you all a happy Thanksgiving! Whether you celebrate the holiday with extended family—and a burnt turkey with an outrageous amount of pepper—or in the drive-thru of your favorite fast food restaurant, it is an important time to have gratitude. What are you thankful for, right now, in this moment? Do you cherish the new earrings you made out of rubber duckies? Or are you celebrating Mississippi School of the Arts’ upcoming week-long break?

Wherever—whenever—you are, I encourage you to pause and reflect upon everything you appreciate.

You are alive beneath an enormous blue sky that changes by the minute, appearing vastly different each day. You are your own person, an individual with such unique flair. You are an artist capable of so much creation—even if you do not consider yourself artistically inclined. You see, living is art in itself…the same goes for eating chicken nuggets. Oh, of course! Chicken nuggets, nachos, tacos, and cheesecake exist! Your favorite food exists…wow. This year’s Thanksgiving defies what we consider ordinary, but all is not lost.

An Uncertain Holiday

Mississippi School of the Arts’ Thanksgiving lunch marked meal calendars for November 19, 2020: today. I still remember last year’s holiday meal. Tablecloths, silverware, and cloth napkins dressed the Phoenix as the entire student body gathered together, appreciating each other’s close company. I remember absolutely devouring my plate and looking forward to the break everyone had begun packing for.

Rest in peace, cheesecake.

Why? Because due to COVID-19 concerns, MSA decided to shift to virtual this week. I agree with this decision one hundred percent as the virus is ravenous in its search for hosts, but, reasonably so, disappointment gnaws at this agreement. I had high hopes for November’s final meals—hot chicken salad, steak fingers, chicken nuggets, gumbo, nacho bites, and chicken enchilada, to name a few…and, of course, the Thanksgiving lunch.

My heart longs for the nacho bites, but alas…fate had other plans.


This week, vote on your Thanksgiving meal classics!

Peace Out

I hope all of you have a great Thanksgiving filled with plenty of rest, food, and company. However you celebrate, find a few aspects of your life you appreciate. Are you thankful for the sky? cheesecake? friends? Feel free to eat thirty chicken nuggets, my friends, for MSA’s week-long break begins soon! Until then, submit your virtual attendance, talk to those close to you, and believe in yourself. Remember: anything is possible when your favorite food exists.

See you in the Phoenix soon!

Peace out 😉

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