A Glimpse into Veganism/Vegetarianism at MSA


Hello, everyone. Thanks for stopping by! First and foremost, I hope you feel great; you deserve it. Prioritize your health—body and mind—and that means eating well. Halloween chocolate is not a meal substitute. (:

In this Week’s What’s Cooking with Callie Article:
  • “Phoenix Favorites” polls
  • Brief meal reflections
  • Special: A Glimpse into Veganism/Vegetarianism at MSA

Phoenix Favorites

Callie’s Rad Reflections

In the midst of a global pandemic, one’s health exists as a primary concern. The amazing food service staff provides salad everyday! Feel free to adorn yours with dressing, bacon bits, cheese, and much more—all packaged safely for the individual. I am not particularly fond of salads, yet I eat one every day.

My picks for the past two weeks:

  • Beefy nachos grande
    • …has stolen my heart…reminds me of the perfect nostalgia of concession stand nachos but so much better
  • Ranch baked chicken
    • surprisingly good
  • Beef-A-Roni
    • Okay…I must applaud the cafeteria ladies for their success with last week’s lunch entree. This was by far the best beef-a-roni I have ever tasted. It was deliciously cheesy, well-seasoned, and perfect overall.
  • Red beans & rice w/ sausage
    • always sought after
  • Salisbury steak w/ gravy
    • Add some mashed potatoes and…boom: some positive warmth.
  • Chicken fiesta over rice
    • a favorite in the Phoenix
  • Country fried steak on TX toast
    • …the perfect end to a Thursday night! I was not disappointed.
  • Loaded baked potato soup
    • makes my heart warm only thinking about it
  • Hot chicken salad! Tonight! (Thursday, November 12)
    • Whooo!

A Glimpse into Veganism/Vegetarianism at MSA

Finally! We have arrived at our article’s destination.

Mississippi School of the Arts’ campus community consists of students of all backgrounds, beliefs, etc., and quite a bit of these students are, in fact, vegan or vegetarian. Are you vegan or vegetarian? Well, the Phoenix has not forgotten you: a vegan/vegetarian option is served with every meal, and plenty of non-animal products make an appearance as well. Although I am neither vegan nor vegetarian, I know plenty of people who are.

A few words from a few sources:

“My favorite part of being a vegetarian at MSA is when I get to see what awesome meal alternative the cafeteria workers have prepared for us. All of the wonderful vegetarian food they cook never fails to amaze me. The cafeteria workers truly care about what we eat. At my old school, vegetarians were given salads every day. I love every part about being a vegetarian at MSA because we get really good food alternatives.”

“Um so I’ve only been vegetarian for a month now, and it has been a drastic change. It’s kinda hard some days when they have chicken kind of things for the non-vegetarians and vegans. The vegan/vegetarian options aren’t the best when it’s chicken related. Overall I thinks it’s nice that they actually go through the trouble to make sure it vegan and vegetarian friendly. My favorites have been the vegan lasagna and the vegan hot dogs.”

“Being both vegetarian and vegan for a time here I can say that there have been adequate meals on both sides. As a vegetarian, I personally love the cheese pizza and shepherd’s pie. I think that the cafeteria could expand on the brands of food they have coming in. I would like to see more from brands like Gardein, etc.”

In conclusion, much more exists on this topic, but I hope you enjoyed my “glimpse” into vegan/vegetarian foods in the Phoenix. (:

I plan to elaborate on this subject later in the school year, so stay tuned!

Peace Out

Thank you for reading this week’s article! Take care of yourself, try a decadent salad, and take it easy with the Halloween candy. See you all next week for a Thanksgiving-inspired post. I appreciate your views and your existence—keep being awesome and stay rad. See you all in the Phoenix!

Peace out.

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