What’s Cooking? (November 1-21, 2020)


In this week’s article:

  • Meal calendar for November
  • Recommendations
  • Polls
  • More vegan/vegetarian inclusion (polls)

Thank you all for supporting What’s Cooking with Callie—your views matter, and you are greatly appreciated. (:

What’s Cooking?

Phoenix Favorites

For the week of November 1-7, 2020:

Callie’s Rad Recommendations

Week of November 1-7, 2020

Thursday: I recommend the red beans and rice for sure. Need a burst of motivation in order to survive the week? Well, you are in luck…legend has it the red beans and rice cure every ailment, even procrastination.


Thursday: Wow, what a day to dine in the Phoenix. I definitely recommend both the entrees: the country fried steak on Texas toast and the chicken littles. Personally, I plan on choosing the country fried steak. I mean, come on…with mashed potatoes and gravy, you have a stellar meal. Lately, it has been a bit cold, so this will warm your heart. (:

Week of November 8-14, 2020

Monday: Why is the BBQ chicken sandwich making me hungry? Nothing against shepherd’s pie, but the barbeque here is not half bad. If you do not find the first entree favorable, there exists a second!

Friday: White bean chicken chili, heck yeah. This entree is perfect for the fall weather. Grab a filling bowl of this warm, savory soup and enjoy the falling leaves.

Saturday: Steak fingers never disappoint, especially when paired with potatoes and gravy. Remember your dipping sauce!


Tuesday: Loaded baked potato soup will serve as a side—is this what dreams are made of?

Thursday: Hot chicken salad. This is what dreams are made of.

Saturday: Staying the weekend? Well, make sure to stop by the Phoenix for nacho bites, chicken quesadillas, fiesta rice, and refried beans. The nacho bites possess a particular allure I can not possibly ignore…*chef’s kiss*.

Week of November 15-21, 2020

Tuesday: I recommend the personal pan pizza with seasoned potato wedges and lima beans. Boom…a well-balanced lunch. And I know you all idolize pizza (no hate, only love :)).

Wednesday: Hot chicken salad! Hang on one second…I think my heart burst. Am I dreaming? If so, I do not want to wake up. (;

*Thursday:* Dine in the Phoenix for a festive Thanksgiving meal! I remember last year’s quite vividly; you do not want to miss Thursday’s lunch—November 19. Sliced turkey with gravy, ham steak, cornbread dressing, and sweet potato casserole will make an appearance along with other meal items. But most importantly, the Phoenix will be decked out in Thanksgiving decorations and cheesecake will serve as the dessert (yay, cheesecake, our prayers for serotonin have been answered).


Tuesday: Ooh, the chicken enchilada sounds promising!

Wednesday: Talk about some stellar sides: taco soup and crinkle cut fries.

Thursday: Never miss out on the chicken and sausage gumbo with rice. Not your groove? A cheese burger will provide an alternative entree.

Peace Out

Thank you all for joining me this week! I have awesome articles planned for the future, so check What’s Cooking with Callie every Thursday for updates. My next article, for instance, will focus on life as a vegan/vegetarian here at Mississippi School of the Arts. I hope all of you enjoy the remainder of your week. Take advantage of the amazing cafeteria food here on campus, and keep up with deadlines. Know that you are appreciated and awesome. See you all in the Phoenix, peace! (:

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