Cracking the Code: Gen Z Slang

Gen Z uses a lot of different slang, codewords, and inside jokes that every other Gen Z on the internet knows. However, it has come to my attention that SOME people are slightly uncultured and don’t understand some of the things we say. For example, I told a friend, “Calm down there, Jamal.” And they replied with, “Who’s Jamal?” I- the audacity. So here’s a little guide to things that are said constantly at MSA and what it means. (Yes, I’m talking to you, Maleigh.)

Starting off is my favorite,

· “no (red heart emoji).” This pretty much means, “no.” The red heart just adds spice. It comes off as snarky, which it kinda is ngl (not gonna lie), but I enjoy using it to get a point across.

Next on the list is,

· “It’s the ______ for me.” I’m pretty sure you’ve heard roast sessions using this sentence. Basically though, you fill in the blank with something negative (or positive) about a person and boom, roasted. Example: “It’s the lack of self confidence for me.” “It’s the uneven hairline for me.”

· “Built different.” This one has been said sooooo many times. It’s a term used to give yourself a god complex. Example: “Hey, what would you do if an asteroid was about to crash into Earth right now?” “I’d stop it midair. I’m just built different.”

· “I like ya cut, G.” This is used when a friend gets a haircut that exposes the back of their neck, and you slap the back of their neck as hard as possible.

Then, there’s

· “Cut the cameras, dead serious.” This was first said when Blac Chyna had a reality show and she was so mad and upset that she wanted them to literally cut the cameras.

· “Muah. Chefs kiss.” This is used when something is “immaculate,” another word that is used a lot. Which just means that something is great, it makes your heart happy, or when something tastes good. You use it in a positive way pretty much.

· “Spain but the s is silent.” I’m pretty sure this is self-explanatory but if not, it spells out pain. You use it in a negative way. Example: “Man my scooter just spun around and hit my ankle.” “Spain without the S, dude.”

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