Fabulous Food Reviews and More (October 18-31, 2020)


Happy (almost) Halloween!

Once a year, it is socially acceptable to carve faces into pumpkins, to don eerie apparel, and to subject oneself to hair-raising films whilst doused in fake blood and candy wrappers. However you celebrate—if you celebrate at all—make sure to eat…something other than five hundred pounds of candy, of course.

Here at Mississippi School of the Arts, plastic skeletons hang alongside printed pumpkin decorations. Orange lights line dorm ceilings, and paper ghosts crowd drawer surfaces. And us students definitely have more than candy to eat.

Before I begin with my reviews, I want to acknowledge my appreciation for the food service staff. I have tremendous respect for every one of them, and I hope to venerate them more in the future. I am certain their jobs demand a lot, yet lines of waiting students vanish in an instant and no meal disappoints. I admire these women so much, and they are some of my favorite staff members on this entire campus. Thank you so much. (:

Callie’s Rad Reviews

Excellent (Totally Not Personal Favorites) Lunches

Thursday, October 22: Starting off with a luxurious breakfast burrito, Thursday did not disappoint with its lunch. I love the cheesy chicken fiesta over rice, but seeing the pork chop—in all of its impeccably seasoned glory—made me second guess my previous commitment. The cheesy chicken fiesta lives in my top fifteen Phoenix meals; feel free to give it a try!

Monday, October 26: The lasagna genuinely made my heart happy. The entree had this divine cheesiness I could not possibly ignore. Everyone around me agreed upon the superior awesomeness of this lasagna, and it is not, in fact, uncommon to hear people raving about it days afterwards. Not only this, but I thoroughly enjoyed my accompanying tater tots—I always do. However, I vividly remember Monday’s dessert. The icing was literal perfection! Literally, I ate every speck of it.

Tuesday, October 27: Everyone loved the lemon pepper catfish, no joke. Also a fan, I ate my helping in five seconds. Outside within early autumn, my friends agreed upon the flawless—flawless!—seasoning. I encourage you to grab a packet of lemon juice for extra pizzazz. The spicy fries, also, won some hearts over.

Excellent Dinners

Tuesday, October 20: Hot chicken salad.

Monday, October 26: Every chicken nugget day is a great day. But Monday, the macaroni and cheese out-shined this favorite entree of mine. Everyone agreed upon the excellence of the macaroni; chaos ensued as students fell out of their seats before a mad dash for seconds…and ambitious individuals consumed concerning amounts of the cheesy, liquid gold treasure.

A confession: I planned on reviewing a third dinner, but I had difficulty deciding. In brief, always choose the Stromboli and the baked chicken always surprises me. Also, Wednesday night I had one of the most delicious desserts I have encountered here: a chocolate cake decorated like a ghost! Not only was it cute (and festive), but its decadence made my Wednesday, truly. Thank you!

Phoenix Favorites

Peace Out

Thank you all for joining me, and do not miss Saturday’s Halloween themed dinner. I hope you all have a happy Halloween, but go easy on the candy, please. ;). Thank you!

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