Artoberfest Film: Becoming “Cindy Lou”

It’s spooky season, y’all! As some of you may know, usually for Halloween MSA puts together a haunted house for the community. It is led by staff but the student volunteers are the ones who will give you the creeps! It is held annually in Cooper, with every room decorated to SCARE! Even though we love that tradition here at MSA, because of the pandemic we could not hold the haunted house…annoying right? Instead, 3 students: Morgan Love, MaryRhea Waterloo, and Matthew Cox took on the challenge of creating the film, Slasher! I asked them to share a little bit of why they wanted to take on this massive challenge. Here is what Matthew and Morgan had to say about their experiences:

Matthew said, “I wanted to take the project on because Dr. Hirsch mentioned doing a horror movie instead of our usual Artoberfest attraction. I love and adore horror movies, as they were my gateway to film and filmmaking, and I’ve always wanted to do one, so I jumped at the opportunity. 

I worked out a story with Morgan and MaryRhea, co-wrote the script with Morgan, and directed, shot, and edited the film myself. 

I tried to infuse the script with the same love and affection as I do with horror movies, which is why there’s many name drops of horror characters, actors, producers, and directors. 
Hopefully, everyone will enjoy it and see the amount of love I have for these types of films. If not, then at least laugh once or twice.”

Morgan added, ” I was chosen to be a leader for Artoberfest. I enjoyed it way too much my junior year not to accept the role and bring back that same excitement to my juniors. Unfortunately with COVID, that just wasn’t going to be possible with the haunted house. The next thing in line was a movie! 
The idea was simple and a fun alternative to the haunted house AND it wasn’t limited to just MSA; all people from the state of Mississippi have the chance to see our talents at work.
Artoberfest is an MSA tradition that I hope continues on in the future. I can’t wait to come back and have the scare of my life!”

So interesting! I love it!

Luckily, I had the privilege of being a character in the MSA original movie. I played Cindy Lou in the film. It was a parody take on the 80’s movie, Hello Mary Lou: Prom Queen II. I was a bloody and burnt prom queen returning for REVENGE! I thought it would be cool to include some behind the scenes footage of what it takes to be Cindy Lou! Check out my makeup process:

I want give a personal shoutout to my makeup crew, Chaney McDade and Angel Poole for working hard on my makeup. It looked SO good.

There are a few more behind the scenes pictures I got during the filming process:

I had such a blast and I hope you all enjoy the film! Speaking of, be sure to be there FRIDAY night at 7:15 for the public viewing of the show!

And if you are a MSA student, be sure to attend the private premiere on Thursday! The festivities in Cooper start at 6! We want to see you all there!

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